Happy Birthday!

January is a special time at Lizzie's Heritage Inn as we celebrate both my great grandmother's and great grandfather's birthdays.

My great grandfather, William Leech Adams, known as Will L throughout his life, was born January 26, 1879, son of Charles and Sarah Adams, original owners of our family home that is now Lizzie's Heritage Inn. He married Lizzie Watson, our inn's namesake. She, too, had a January birthday, born January 10, 1883.

Together Will L and Lizzie raised six children in this home, five boys, and their youngest, a daughter, my grandmother Joyce.

Will L was a writer, actor and director, and had a theater company who toured around southern Utah performing Shakespeare, and other, plays. Lizzie would make the costumes for Will L and his company, some of which we still have in our family today.

I grew up listening to wonderful stories about my great grandparents, lovingly told to me by my grandmother. When I walk through the rooms of Lizzie's Heritage Inn, I feel surrounded by the love and comfort of these two amazing people, and love to imagine what life would have been like when they were here in the home.

My family history is strong in this home, and as we welcome you into it, I hope you feel surrounded by the warmth and charm that Lizzie, herself, would have provided.

Come enjoy an opportunity to experience the past within our historical inn. We look forward to sharing with you, our rich family heritage.