About Our Inn

Located in the picturesque town of Parowan, Utah, Lizzie's Heritage Inn is nestled at the base of Brian Head Resort and is within a couple hours drive of several national parks. Lizzie's Heritage Inn is steeped in history and is the original home of pioneers who established the Old Rock Church.


Sarah was our Founding Mother

It was her and her husband, Charles, who built the home that we love & cherish today as Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Back before the home became Lizzie’s, Sarah would often welcome the townsfolk into her home. She loved to host those from near and far; her home was always a place to gather in love and joy. Locals and travelers alike found themselves at home in Sarah’s warm, welcoming kitchen.


Lizzie is the namesake for our wonderful Inn

She married Sarah’s son, Will L, and lived in this home for much of her adult life. Lizzie was a passionate woman who cared very much for her community and its history. She became well known in Southern Utah for refusing to allow the Old Rock Church to be torn down. Lizzie stood on the front steps of the church just as it was about to be demolished , and insisted that if it were to be taken down, she would have to be taken with it. The church still stands today, as does the Legacy of tenacity and determination that she instilled in her family.


Joyce carried the Legacy of Love from Sarah and Lizzie into the 21st century

Joyce is Lizzie’s only daughter, and youngest child, and was raised in the home that we know as Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. The Grandma Room at the Inn was her childhood bedroom. Her love for Parowan, family, and history was strongly instilled in her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and continues to be shared with her great-great grandchildren as well.


Bonnie’s love filled the Inn with the utmost joy and warmth

Bonnie, often lovingly known as Grandma Bonnie, is the eldest of Joyce’s two children. Though she was not raised in Parowan, she spent many childhood summers here in the home. When her daughter, Meri, determined to bring the home back into the family many years ago, Bonnie felt compelled to move her life from Lehi, Utah to Parowan. She felt strongly the desire to reinstill that Legacy of Love in the home that was curated by her maternal line. Her love and presence continues to surround us here at the Inn.


Meri’s love for family, traditions, and celebrations makes Lizzie's Heritage Inn what it is today; a home for all who enter

Meri is Bonnie’s eldest daughter. It was a long time dream of hers to bring this home, which was sold out of the family many years ago, back into the family. When the opportunity was presented to purchase the home, Meri, with the support and excitement of her mom, was thrilled at the prospect of reacquainting with the old family home.