A Legacy of Hospitality

Stories from the Family Histories:

Sarah Ann Davenport Adams was the founding mother of our wonderful Inn. Back when she and her family built the home, it wasn’t technically an Inn, but Sarah welcomed all into her home with open arms. Her grandchildren tell the story of when travelers or those looking for something to eat would stop by their home and Sarah would feed and board them. One time, a fellow who was a “tinker” (someone who travels and mends metals) offered to mend all the needed repairs around the home – Sarah had him stay in her home and would fix him meals along with her family, until he was able to complete all his work. We hope to continue that legacy of hospitality that Sarah instilled into the home and into her descendants here at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Memories of Sarah all include her joyful demeanor and ability to joke. It was a mission of hers to always laugh and make those around her laugh as well. She was a musician and loved the stage – her favorite character to play was one named “Imogene”. She was always giving out goodies, particularly her famous mints that she would pull out of her pockets and offer to the little ones.

It is our mission to keep Sarah’s legacy of hospitality alive at the Inn! Sarah was the matriarch of this beautiful home and her spirit is alive at the Inn, still. Some have even seen her around the Inn, as it was the home she built with her family and loved all those who entered. Sarah’s great-granddaughter, our Grandma Bonnie who currently runs our inn, has the same hospitable and nurturing nature that Sarah had. We even have mints on hand in remembrance of Sarah’s giving spirit, so that all who come into her home have the ability to feel as cherished in her home as she would have made them feel.

If you want to try our mints out for yourself but are unable to make it to the Inn, on Sarah’s Corner you can find them, packaged in a reusable tin to remind you of the Inn.