Join Meri Brown & Lizzie’s Heritage Inn for Real Life Retreats, coming to you November 2022! 

Real Life Retreats offers a chance to explore Southern Utah with Meri Brown in her beautiful historic family home. Join us at our inaugural retreat for a weekend filled with adventure, connection, the most delicious food, and so much more! 
In 2017, Meri purchased the home that had been built by her family in 1870. It has since been her dream to share this beautiful space, and its surrounding area, with as many people as possible.

Through the sweet homey feel of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn and the neighboring red rocks. Meri hopes to share the healing and connective powers of this space through retreats that allow people to feel adventure, self-love, connection, empowerment, and inspiration. 
On November 17-20, 2022 we kick off Real Life Retreats! Participants have the option of Standard or VIP accommodations (described below). 
What is included:
  • Four days, three nights accommodations in beautiful southern Utah 
  • three meals for the two full days, dinner on first night, breakfast on last morning
  • two to five daily activities
  • morning mindfulness & evening fire-pit hangs
  • goodie bag
  • transportation during retreat 
  • photos of retreat
  • connection with new (& old!) friends, prompts for self connection, time to bond with Meri, etc.
  • and so much more!!!
What is not included:
  • Transportation to and from Lizzie’s Heritage Inn on November 17 and 20
  • everything included above
  • a private or shared room in a luxurious home near Lizzie’s Heritage Inn
$6000 - $6400
  • everything included above
  • a private or shared room AT Lizzie’s Heritage Inn* 
  • extra time & activities with Meri  
  • & surprises!
*If you and a friend or loved one want to share a VIP room (and bed), each will pay $3200.
A solely private VIP room will be $6000.
Limit 2 per room.
Fill out the form to apply for Real Life Retreats in November. Applications close October 21st, 2022. 
Note: The activities at the November retreat require a level of physicality. Participants will want to ensure they are able to walk moderate distances and have hip/knee mobility. If you have specific questions or concerns related to accessibility, please email us at