Crystal Grid

$ 55.00 USD

Our custom crystal stone grids are the perfect addition to your space! Different crystals and stones on each piece can help promote an overall flow of positive energy and help rid your space of negative energy. Our crystal grids are handmade and every piece is one of a kind, found only here at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Choose the one that speaks most to you from our three custom designs.

Product Specifications: 8x8” Each one is unique and individually made, no two are exactly alike Crystal stones may vary, although colors are generally as shown

Grow With The Flow - 'Take calmness captive as you flow through life.' Grid Includes: Blue quartz, Malachite, Blue kyanite, and Lapis lazuli

Love Lives Here - ‘Infuse love into everything you do’. Grid includes: Crystal quartz quartet, Clear quartz, Rose quartz, Fire quartz, Strawberry quartz

The Mountains Are Calling - 'Go outside, connect with nature and clear your mind'. Grid includes: Black obsidian, Green apatite, Red jasper, Carnelian, Agate, Lapis lazuli, Howlite, Amethyst, Clear quartz, Green adventuring

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